Feminine, innovative and attractive, Gedebe is reinventing a wholly modern approach to the concept of jewel accessories.
Under the vision of creative director and founder Giuseppe Della Badia, the brand has redefined the idea of evening bags and shoes, bringing them in a more contemporary and daily dimension. Eclectic, modern and sexy, season after season Gedebe tells the story of a femininity that is renewed, that plays with extravagances and that defines an ever new aesthetic, but always faithful to its DNA. The clean lines are enhanced by jewel accessories and made in Italy couture manufacturing, in precious materials and unique color combinations. An idea of contemporary and transversal luxury, for iconic and timeless creations.



The brand GEDEBE is born in the April of 2010, created by GIUSEPPE DELLA BADIA a 36 years old from Naples. He graduated in Law school but he has been always in love with fashion and craftmanship: very talented in the embroidering of stones and crystals where he mixed texture, fabrics and colours in a clever way. A work exprience in the haute couture let him to start his own collection which is merging his ability and creativity skills to the best italian leathers and artisan traditions. That’s what Gedebe is, a unique piece: a leather bracelet handembroidered with crystals and stones, embellished with studs and refined by silk bow. Gedebe is a sophisticated and a new mix that brings a uniqueness to this rich but at the same time minimal jewel.